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Get epub readers for Windows, iOS and Android to converte PDF to epub 

The latest trend of reading books 

No more print books. Download epub readers for your device and read any type of ebooks.

epub readers for windows, iOS, Android
epub readers for windows, iOS, Android

Epub is the latest trend for reading books. There are lots of ebooks in the internet. Most of them available in PDF format. But technolgy has moved futher more. Now you can download epub for your device to read ebooks with more features. Epub is the newest ebook file format which supports for any kind of epub readers.   With this file format you will get more advantages than the PDF file format. Such as,

According to the device display size epub reader can automatically adjust the page size. Also it allows you to change font colors, highlight, font size, bookmark etc.

How to convert PDF to ePub

You can download thousands of PDF ebooks in the internet. Unfortunately there are few sources to download epub ebooks. Also there are few sources to download epub free. So how do you convert PDF to EPUB? Simply download Calibre software via ( and follow the guidelines that they have given. Calibre is completely free software to download and it allows you to do alternations in downloaded ebook. You can edit converted epub files. As well it allows to delete unnecessary pages. Even This can be used as a library.

Calibre now available in several types of computers. Windows, OS X, Linux and Portable. Get your calibre version and enjoy of your reading.

Video guide for download and install Calibre Software

This video guide shows you how to download and install calibre software for your Windows PC. Currently this is the best epub reader for Windows versions. Follow the steps correctly of the video. Once you complete the installation process, 

  • Click "Add Books". (insert ebook's PDF file).
  • Click "Convert Books" and convert PDF to EPUB.

Important fact about epub readers

  • The information obtained from the web site of
  • This website consist a large number of epub books for download. And all of them totally free.
  • Credits goes to Calibre Software developers.

Most Popular Epub books

Free download and read most viewed ebooks in epub format

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Best epub book to follow for lose your weight and get smart even if you busy

Human Physiology

This book explains the process of the normal body. And how they connect all together.

I Positive

Best epub book to read those who want to think positive and achieve goals.

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